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Colin SauerColin Sauer is an accomplished executive with significant expertise in all areas of business management including people development, sales and marketing, business development, data development and analysis, and corporate communications. During his 30+ years in the global energy market, he gained valuable insight and experience as he held a number of leadership positions in various companies.

A strong communicator and strategic leader, Colin has built a reputation for his skills in empathy and effective mentoring capability. His ability to partner within organizations and across businesses has had a tremendous impact on the success of the businesses he’s led and been part of.

Colin has learned a number of things in his career, but none more important than the value of people within any organization. Skilled, motivated, and engaged employees are the foundation of any successful business no matter how big or how small. He has seen firsthand the positive impact of strong leadership, clear vision and building trust among employees, customers and suppliers. He has extensive experience in building and working with teams, as well as coaching and mentoring individuals in an effort to help them reach their true potential.

Colin has been married to his wife Darcy for over 36 years and together they have three adult sons, Myles, Cameron and Morgan. When not doing work around their property on Ship’s Point, Colin and Darcy can be found on the water in their boat. Together, Darcy and Colin also own and manage Tall Cedars Beach House, a highly successful vacation rental business next door to their home. He also serves as a Director on the Comox Valley Community Foundation board.

Over the past four years Colin has been focusing on providing business management consulting services to numerous and varied organizations in the Comox Valley and region.

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