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Boardroom business discussionFour-step Strategic Planning Process (SPP)

Strategic planning forms the foundation of all successful businesses, big or small, and we believe that developing a thought out, easy to articulate and engaging strategic plan is extremely important. Through our four-step strategic planning process, we help you develop a plan that motivates you, your staff and ultimately engages your customers, which will lead to greater business and personal success.

Through discussion, visualization, data gathering and analysis, as well as using proven tools such as SWOT, Boston Matrix, Customer Segmentation Matrix and others, we will take you through our four-step Strategic Planning Process. This process is designed and facilitated to deliver tangible, meaningful and actionable results for you and your business.

Benefits of this process include:

  • Unbiased assessment of your business’ current state
  • Definition of your target market and ideal customer
  • Improved understanding of your competitive advantage
  • Development of the vision and purpose of your business
  • Greater understanding of your organizational capacity and capability
  • Increased level of employee engagement
  • An execution plan for sustained success

Large Expenditure/Enterprise Purchase Process

As companies grow, so do the requirements for more robust systems and third-party services. Evaluating software systems, contracts/services from vendors, equipment purchases and other large scale purchases can be time-consuming and put your company at risk if you’re not receiving the value you really need to grow. We work with you to develop an evaluation process, pre-screen applicable providers based on your needs, and provide the tools and perspective you will need to make an informed and high-quality decision. Goods and service providers “raise their game” because of the process transparency.

Benefits of this process include:

  • A customized and easy to execute purchasing process
  • An unbiased product or service evaluation
  • Reduced workload for you, the business owner
  • A “fit for purpose” business solution
  • Best possible value at the lowest overall cost

Managerial Reporting and Review Process

Business owners require readily available information they can understand to effectively run their business. Point of sale and financial reporting is a big part of that, but unfortunately the data from these systems does not come to you in a format that paints a picture of how your business is performing. We help turn data into information that is useful for you. We can help you understand your business trends with respect to sales, margins and costs, but we can also help you develop KPIs (key performance indicators) that will be reported and reviewed routinely so that you have more confidence in your business. All of this is discussed in language you can understand.

Benefits of this process include:

  • Turning raw data into useful information that you can act on
  • A better understanding of the health of your business
  • Clearer understanding of the relationships between the various aspects of your business
  • Being able to test assumptions and facilitate better planning

Employee Recruiting, Hiring and Onboarding Process

Finding qualified employees that will be engaged and motivated to help deliver great results for customers is a big challenge for business owners. The employment market is changing, and business owners need to change their strategies accordingly if they want to attract the very best employees. Using proven methods and tools, we work with you to develop a customized process that will effectively and efficiently secure the best employees available.

Benefits of this process include:

  • A less time-consuming recruiting and hiring process
  • Higher quality prospects
  • Higher likelihood of long-term employee engagement
  • Better alignment between employee and employer expectations
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