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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning forms the foundation of all successful businesses. We believe that most successful businesses all have a well thought out, easy to articulate and engaging Strategic Plan. A plan that motivates you, your staff and ultimately engages your customers which leads to greater business and personal success.

Through discussion, data gathering and the use of proven tools, such as SWOT, Boston Matrix, Customer Segmentation Matrix and others, we will take you through a Strategy Development process that is meaningful, easy to manage and fun. Yes, fun! Click here to learn more.


Leadership Development

In the business environment today, it can be challenging to be an effective leader. We have so many competing priorities, it’s quite often difficult to get through everything you need to do on any given day AND still have time to think introspectively and strategically about our business. Click here to learn more.

Through candid discussion we help you identify your strengths, perceived weaknesses, and growth opportunities as a leader. Once we identify your “leadership gaps”, we help you determine and commit to action plans that will help you become more effective. We also ensure that you have appropriate measurements in place to help you stay on course and realize success.


Mentoring and Coaching

Often, just engaging in candid discussion with someone who has significant experience, coupled with an independent and unbiased perspective, is all we need to help us resolve the complex issue of the day. We bring all of this to you and more.

In a user driven process, we help build trust and confidence by creating a safe environment for discussion and problem solving. With our vast experience, empathetic listening skills and simple tools, we can help you work through varying issues such as growth strategy, leadership, employee engagement and conflict resolution. In many cases, people can get to a quality solution on there own, but in some cases we just need someone to talk though an issue with us. We provide this service. Click here to learn more.


Business Process Development

Whether we’re talking about business development, customer relationship management, sales, accounts receivable, order fulfilment or payroll, well defined and efficient business processes are the life blood of any successful business.

Using a highly collaborative approach, we help you develop process maps so that you can visually identify process gaps and redundancies. This method also brings you a clearer picture of the dependency and interdependencies of your major business processes. Click here to learn more.


Employee Engagement

Is your organization experiencing higher than normal staff turnover? Do your employees seem less motivated and engaged? There can be many reasons for this. Lack of clarity of your company’s vision, mission and strategy can play a role. Leadership change or poor communication planning can have a large impact on your employees attitudes and results.

We can bring a non biased and objective view to the issues that you may be experiencing. Using well defined processes and tools, we can help you analyze the situation, assess your options and strategies for improvement, and most importantly help you develop an execution plan that leads to success. Click here to learn more.

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